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Meet Adrian


Adrian, Medical Receptionist

Hey there, everyone! I am Adrian Iniguez-Luevanos!  I was born and raised in South Gate, California. I graduated high school in 2013 and that was just the beginning of my remarkable journey.


After high school, I attended Downey Adult School to become a medical assistant. I then spent a whopping 7 years as a clinic coordinator at a substance abuse treatment center where I positively impacted countless lives. During this time I studied and received my certificate for substance abuse counseling. In those 7 years, a year was spent as a substance abuse counselor, showcasing my unwavering dedication and compassion.


Now, at the young age of 29, I am embarking on an exciting new chapter in my life in the city of Mesquite, Texas!  With my strong work ethic, boundless empathy, and genuine desire to help others, I am ready to conquer the world at Lifeline Family Health and Wellness. How amazing is that? If I’m not spreading smiles and making a difference every single day then I’m not doing something right!  


As your go-to medical receptionist, I can't wait to witness the incredible things I will achieve at Lifeline Family Health and Wellness.

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