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Direct Primary Care Membership

Experience high quality healthcare on your terms.

The Direct Primary Care model allows patients to pay a monthly fee for comprehensive care including urgent care, chronic disease management, annual exams, mental health, and more. This option is a no fuss alternative to insurance.

This model allows for extended appointments so all of your concerns can be addressed thoroughly. Each DPC member will have a minimum of 30 minutes for each appointment. 

We have negotiated discounted prices for lab work and radiology services as a benefit to our DPC members.

This membership allows patients access to the provider via phone, email, and text. It will also include house calls when available.

See details below.

One-time registration fee: $50
3 month minimum required.

*DPC agreement must be signed.
Discount available for prepayment of 1-year agreement.
Cash pay options are available upon req

* Visit- in-office, telehealth, home visit
*15% discount for other services (weight management, hormone therapy, IV therapy)


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